Friday, May 11, 2012

PowerView Environment...

Powerview as I already mentioned in my earlier posts is an important addition to SQL Server 2012.
Here is a snapshot of the design enevironment: Courtesy Introduction to SQL Server 2012 (Microsoft Press).

The Screen layout kind of resembles Report Builder 3.0 but it has additional features (As one would expect). The PowerView Tool is available in Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition. Rather than working in design mode and then previewing the report, as you do when using Report Designer or Report Builder, you work directly with the data in the presentation layout of Power View.

You start with a tabular view of the data that you can change into various data visualizations
There are some benefits running Reporting Services in Sharepoint Mode.

Scale Reporting Services across web applications and across your SharePoint Server 2010
farms with fewer resources than possible in previous versions.

Use claims-based authentication to control access to Reporting Services reports.

Rely on SharePoint backup and recovery processes for Reporting Services content.

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