Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SSIS 2012

Once I had the SQL Server 2012 Bi edition installed I decided to start creating a SSIS package in SQL Server 2012. As mentioned in my previous blog post BIDS has now a new name called SQL Server Data Tools. On launching the SQL Server Data Tools one can customize the setting for Business Intelligence projects. I created a New SSIS project and created a new package. I created a new data flow task with a source has a flat file and destination as a sql server destination. In the Data flow tab I noticed some new things. One of the new things i noticed was Favorites section, this has a Source Assistant and a Destination Assistant. These
two tasks would help the developer with creating a source and destination connection. One of the other new source which i notice in the source connections was the availability of a CDC source.  The CDC source reads change data from a SQL Server  change table  making it available for processing  by downstream  data-flow components. As I build out package I will be posting blog entries detailing the new features available.

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