Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Expression Task-SSIS 2012

As I Continue to explore the features of SSIS 2012, I have noticed some new components which are available. One of the new tasks which is available in the control flow tab is the Expression task. We are all familiar with expressions which use within each component to evaluate a certain condition or to assign properties with a value. In SSIS 2012 Expression Task does the same thing as Expressions but it is in the form of a task. The Expression task is available in the control flow and one just needs to drag and drop it to the control flow. Once the task is place in the control flow, Right click on the task and choose Edit. This would open up the familiar Expressions window. One of the new things in this window is that Parameters can also be accessed along with the variables. One could check the value of a Parameter in the Expression Task and then in the workflow one can check the value of the Parameter by using expressions in the workflow. I have attached a sample Control flow which utilises the Expression Task.

In a Nutshell the Expression Task can be used to control the workflow and gives Expressions a higher visibility by being a Task. This gives Expressions a higher visibility in SSIS 2012 compared to earlier versions where they were associated with the Component itself.
One can also notice in the image above that there is a slider component on the design surface This gives the developers the ability to zoom in on the flows being developed. In cases where the SSIS flows become very complex, the slider control can be useful to focus in areas that need to understood or edited.

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