Monday, June 30, 2014

Renaming SYSSSISLOG table...

In SSIS we have different ways of logging the progress of the SSIS package, these can be tracked in files or can be done with a table. One of the popular ways of auditing the SSIS package is using a SQL Server table. The table that is used is dbo.sysssislog table, this table is created by default when choosing the Logging of SSIS package to be done via SQL Server. There was a comment/question by one of the readers of my blog, as to whether the table can be renamed into something more meaningful. The answer is yes, here are the steps listed: The one thing to watch out for is to modify the sp_ssis_addlogentry stored procedure to point to the new renamed audit table.

1. Click the table dbo.sysssislog in the database that has the table.
2. Right click on the table and rename the table to what the new name should be.
3. In the SQL Server Management studio expand programmability and choose Stored procedures.
4. Right click on the sp_ssis_addlogentry stroed procedure and choose modify.
5. Replace the table dbo.sysssislog in the stored procedure with the new renamed table.
6. Press F5 to recompile the stored procedure.
7. This audit table is present in the SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 database systems.
8. In SQL Server 2005 databases, the table is called sysdtslog90.
9. The stored procedure is called sp_dts_addlogentry, it would be in the stored procedures folder in SSMS.

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