Monday, June 8, 2015


Datazen is a Mobile product that allows BI on Mobile as per the website: Datazen Windows 8 app enables dashboard creation and publishing based on Excel, cloud and enterprise data sources. After publishing to a Datazen Server, dashboards and KPIs are accessible on any device via its native app, or through any major browser. The Mobile app can be downloaded for ios/andrioid and windows phones. For example: I downloaded the Datazen app on my andrioid smartphone. Once the app is downloaded when I launched the app, it connects to a demo server. The App pulls down a set of demo KPI and dashboards. This provides an overview of the type of dashboards that can be built with DataZen. Recently Microsoft has acquired Datazen, this would enable Microsoft to provide a robust BI offering in the mobile space. Datazen server requires Windows Server,IIS and .NET as the prerequisites. Please look at the image for a sample of what is possible with the Datazen tool.

The Datazen link is :, all the details are available here.
There is a detailed blog on capabilities of Datazen by SQL Server Expert: Melissa Coates at her blog site: This blog post specifically talks about Prototyping and Design with Datazen.

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