Monday, June 22, 2015

SQL Azure - SQL Server Database to Azure.

Microsoft with the change in leadership at the top, there has been a lot of push for cloud related offerings from Microsoft. One of the components of the cloud suite is SQL Azure which is the cloud based offering of the SQL Server Database system. With the advent of smartphones and increased used of apps in phones, there is a need for having a cloud based database. There are lot of folks using different cloud based offerings for the database, one of my colleagues has launched an app which uses the SQL Azure database. It is possible that folks could use a sql server initially to develop the database and then copy the database over to SQL Azure. Here is a link on how to SSIS to copy a sql server database to SQL Azure.
To quote the article: When migrating a SQL Server database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database, the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard in an easy way to create a SQL Server Integration Services package to transfer data. The package can then be modified to add more robust error handling and retry logic.

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