Saturday, July 18, 2015

SQL Server 2016 and R-Integration...Part 1

Earlier I had blogged about SQL Server and R can be connected to perform data analysis. Also in SQL Server 2016 there is supposed to be better R Integration. In today's market Data scientists/Data Wranglers are in great demand since organizations have piles of data and want to make sense of the data, also if data can provide valuable insights. Given these market trends and the push for aligning the business and data more closely it is important to have the analytic skills. In this blog I would like to provide an article which gives a flavor of sql server 2016 and R-Integration. In the link below: The article describes SQL Server program managers Lindsey Allen and Borko Novakovic demonstrated a prototype of running R within SQL Server. For the R-Integration,Microsoft SQL Server has collaborated with I hope you find the article and demo provided in the link above useful.

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