Monday, August 3, 2015

Tableau and R Integration...

Among the Data visualization tools, tableau is one of the leading tools which is used by lot of organizations in various capacities. The types of reporting range from operational to really sophisticated data visualizations combining various data sources. With R growing to be a language of choice for Data Science related activities such as Machine Learning and Data Mining, it is being integrated with a variety of Tools. Given such a scenario it was natural to expect the integration between tableau and R to happen. Please see the link below for a video on R and tableau integration.
Quoting tableau" Tableau Server can also be configured to connect to an instance of Rserve through the tabadmin utility, allowing anyone to view a dashboard containing R functionality".
Also the link contains a whitepaper on integration between the two tools, please check out the same.
Lot of interesting things happening in the Data Science these days...

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