Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SQL Server 2016 and R-Integration...Part 2

In this blog post I would like to continue the discussion which done in the Part 1 of the SQL Server 2016 and R-Integration. In this blog post I would like to discuss one of the important R Libraries that can speed up the learning process a little and get to analyzing the data more quickly. The library I would like to discuss here is called Rattle. The library rattle can be installed in R by using the following commands. The commands below can be executed within R-Studio. The R-Studio is a more UI friendly to work on R-Commands and scripts.

The install.packages() command in R will install all the files within the rattle library. In R-Studio one would set up the path to pull down the libraries as needed. As you can see the option for Use Internet Explorer Library/Proxy for HTTP is enabled.

Once the package is installed, you can execute the rattle() function with the R-Studio, this will launch a GUI for rattle which has lot of useful options for doing data analysis. In the Rattle GUI as you can see there are lot of options that can be used for source of data, in the example below I am choosing the R-Dataset called who for analysis. Make sure to hit the execute option once you have chosen the data source from the drop down list.

In order to explore the dataset , use the explore tab and choose the summary option and I additionally choose Basics. These 2 options combined provides an quick overview of the dataset who by providing some important statistical data about the data set.

There are a lot more options available in rattle to do much more complex data analysis. As the integration between SQL Server and R continues, I am hoping such utilities are provided by Microsoft so that the data analysis can be more enhanced

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