Friday, September 16, 2016

Data Virtualization-Data Conditioning/Masking

These days business are expected to agile and have to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. This means that while developing products it has to be moved through the different environments efficiently and quickly. There is also a lot of dependency on data in the test and lower level environments. The quality of data in the test environments need to good so that the applications using the data can be tested effectively. Often organizations run into challenges while populating data in Lower level environments either due to space issues and just the time taken to condition data takes a very long time, this thereby affects product delivery. This where products that specialize data virtualization come in. Delphix is one such product which enables organizations to effectively get production type data in test environments.  Here is the website for the product: According to the website: "Speed wins. It’s a simple fact. The faster you can deliver new applications, features and upgrades to market, the better your business performs. For that you need faster data. And for faster data, you need Delphix.".  Please refer to the link below which explains the need for having such a product. As the nature of application development keeps changing, the quality of data needed for testing and other pre-production activities becomes very important and essential.

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