Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smokey Mountains...

For my son's spring break we had made a trip to the smoky mountains along with our friends and stayed in a log cabin. The log cabin was situated near Pigeon Forge, TN. It was located in the mid mountain area, with lot of greenery around with spectacular views of the mountain. The ride to the cabin everyday after our daily routine was interesting.
Staying in log cabins is a great way to save money on accomodation for large groups of people. For example if 2 or more families are planning a trip, log cabins can be a great way to save. When I travelled we had a total of 8 people (2 families) stay for 4 nights. The total expense was 260 dollars which worked out to around 65 dollars a night. These cabins have fully furnished kitchen which means money can be saved on food expenses. During vacations food expenses tend to be very high, when planned in advance, one would take certain food items which could be cooked. The smokey mountain, pigeon forge area has a large amount of log cabins, the place where we stayed was at: (BlackBear Lodging,Pigeon Forge,TN)

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