Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Report Builder 2.0

Report Builder is an adhoc reporting tool which is available of the Sql Server Reporting Services. This tool would enable an user/analyst to build reports on adhoc basis. There has been a significant improvement with the Report Builder 2.0 which is available as part of SQL Server 2008. In this version the builder is more robust, almost mimics the actual Report designer environment in visual studio. There is the new tablix control along with lots of charts and gauge controls. The gauge and chart controls have been incorporated from Dundas software. The graphics on these controls is far superior to the native charts which were available in sql server 2005. With the new gauge controls one can build professional looking score cards and dashboards. The tablix control is a combination of the regular table and the matrix control, this allows user to create row and column groupings, this allows user to produce complex reports on a adhoc basis very quickly. With this version the user can export the report to Microsoft word format. The tool can be downloaded from the following Microsoft website.

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