Thursday, April 30, 2009

SSRS 2008/Visual Studio 2008...

I recently installed Visual Studio 2008 with SP1. The service Pack1 for Visual Studio 2008 took around 45 Min's. Once I finished that I installed SQL Server 2008 with BIDS, this requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to be present. I had a bunch of 2005 Sql server 2005 Reporting services reports which I wanted to migrate to SSRS 2008. When I started the process i ran into errors, it was a weird error. In SSRS 2008 it looks like one cannot define data sources with spaces in it. For example I had a data source Called Dev B, SSRS 2008 had problem with it. To fix this issue i renamed the Data source As DevB, this fixed the issues. Once the SSRS BIDS studio is attached to Source control, there was a new feature which I noticed, it was called get latest version on Check out. I will blog more about this and other features once i explore them.

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