Thursday, March 25, 2010

PowerShell 2.0 - Capture file names

Powershell 2.0 is a very powerful tool  and certainly can be used for sql server database tasks. One of the rquirement i had was to get the list of filesnames and the lastmodified date in a particular drive/folder, use the most recent file as a excel file source to one of my SSIS packages. One of the approaches as mentioned here was to create a table which will contain the filename and the last modified date. In this case the all the files from different days have the same schema/layout. One of the first thins i did was use a powershell script to look for the file with the given extension and store each of the file and date into the sql server table. I would like to thank Sean McCown for showing how to use the dir command in powershell to find files, described in his blog( Here is the script which finds the files, then I loop through the collection and insert records into the sql server table. I developed this in Windows Power ISE editor version 2.0, In this script i look for excel spreadsheets.

add-pssnapin SqlServerCmdletSnapin100

set-location "c:\ssis\"

$query=“INSERT INTO Table_1 SELECT "

$files=dir -recurse -include *.xls

foreach ($file in $files)



     $fquery = $query + "'"+$"'"+", "+"'"+$file.LastWriteTime+"'"

     invoke-sqlcmd -query $fquery -database MyDb -serverinstance MyServer
The above script inserts records into the Table_1 table in the database MyDb. Once this is done in the job step, in the next step I run a query to find the most recent file and use that as the file as an excel source in the SSIS package.

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