Monday, September 17, 2012

Database Monitoring...

One of the important tasks of DBA is to monitor Databases and check how the sql servers are performing. As one would expect there are lot of aspects involved in SQL Server Database monitoring. With the advent of bigger applications and systems requiring quick response times, Database performance has increased in importance. When a company has lot of servers a good tool would certainly come in handy. One of the tools recently i came across was SQLMonitor developed by RedGate. I have loved products from RedGate especially the backup database utility they have. The SQLMonitor tool is a web based database monitoring tool. It is avaialble for download and test at the following link:
One of the neat things about the SQL Monitor is that it has got a web based interface. There are several other features offered by this product. The features are Centralized Alerts,StraightForward Views,Real Performance Data,Top 10 expensive queries list, Built in Analysis,User Roles. The below image is taken from the Red Gate Software.
The Real time Performance Data feature is pretty neat it contains lot of useful information about Cluster,CPU,Disks,Network and System Processes. For More Information Please check out the red gate site at

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