Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DBVisualizer-Database Management Tool

When it comes to Database Management there are lot of tools out there. Database Management is one of the key activities performed by Database Administrators, Developers and Architects (depending on the Situation). With respect to SQL Server there is SQL Server there is SQL Server Management studio, now there are times situations where one need to connecto to multiple data sources. This would hold true when one is working on ETL/DataWarehosuing/Data Sourcing projects. One of the tools I recently started using (since I am working on  multiple Data Sourcing projects) is Database Visualizer. This product is available from http://www.dbvis.com/, DbVis Software. In the web site mentioned before there is a DBVisualizer Personal Edition Download available for 21 days free. The Installation of this software is pretty straightforward, one of the activities that need to be completed after installing is to make sure the drivers for the data sources are installed as well. When the software is launched we get the following screen:

In order to create a database connection , click the + icon on the toolbar, then we have screen to enter the database connection information. One of the options available is Database type as seen in the screen below.

When it comes to Database type there are bunch of options available like the ones listed below:  there are also options for SQL Server as well.

Once the database connection has been created, there options available for SQL, Scripts and other Database Management functions. One of the features that appeals to me is wide variety of connectivity to different data Sources.


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