Monday, September 24, 2012

Import Data into SQL Server From SAS...

In the current business environment, there are lot of data sources being used and constantly data is being pulled into one DataMart/DataWarehouse from another data source. In certain environments I have seen SAS being used very heavily. One of my blog readers had a question about how to import data from SAS into SQL Server. One of things to be taken into consideration is what environment is SAS running currently. SAS runs on large UNIX environments and also PC windows based environments. In case SAS is running on windows, Here are the options available: The following Link talks about Bulk Loading For ODBC:,
Here is a reference to:
SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server

The above link mentions about how to export data from SAS to SQL Server. The other approach is to use SAS and export data to a file location in a flat file/.csv format and then use ETL tools to pull data from the file location.

There are cases where we would want to use SSIS to pull data from SAS. First one would need the SAS Providers for OLE DB, please use the link below:

Please refer to the blog by Rafi Asarf: titled loading SAS files with SSIS.

The above link provided detailed information on how to import data from SAS using SSIS. Also read the comments section where in certain error situations have been discussed.

Hope all of these provide enough information on working with data from SAS.


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