Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Memory Analytics - Part 2

In my earlier blog post i had written about In Memory Analytics and the tools provided by Microsoft which uses in memory analytics. This segment is becoming increasingly popular with new offerings from different companies. I guess with the cost of memory and disk space storage becoming cheaper there could be a plenty of in memory product offerings. One Such Product offering which is outside of Microsoft is from Salient , To quote from the website:
"Salient has pioneered a new business intelligence paradigm that merges the unique thought process of each individual with advanced data visualization. This enables everyone – non-technical as well as technical – to interrogate the data in order to discern patterns, trends and outliers. Users can understand the relationships among activities, costs and outcomes – and discover root cause in seconds."
One of their offerings is Salient ETL which allows one to move from Design to Automation in 3 easy steps. It sounds very interesting.
From Design to Automation in 3 Easy Steps:

•Design based on business objectives
•Map source data to the logical design
•Automate updates of the data feeds
In Summary in the year 2013 there going to be lot of offerings in the In memory analytics and Big Data Domain.

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