Monday, January 7, 2013

SSIS - Audit Transformation...

In ETL operations/Design it is pretty obivious that there is a lot of need for auditing the data that is bought into Data Mart/Data Warehouse. In certain cases depending on when the data is fed into a Data mart lot of business transformations happen. While working on a SSIS package for one of my projects, i came across a task available in the Data flow of SSIS. The task is called Audit Data flow component. In order to use this component, one needs to attach this component to the out put of a say a input data source. What is essentially being done is, in addition to the input columns that is being derived from the input source, one can add additional ausit columns. For example: In my project I had a Flat file input source, so the first step was to drag and drop the flat file source into the Data flow and setup the path and the input columns. Once this was done, to the output of the flat file source I connected the Audit Data Flow component like the image show below:

Now in order to add the audit columns to the input data source, right click on the audit data flow comonent, the audit transformation editor opens up. In the editor I added the audit columns I needed to be part of the destination data, please see image below:

This Data flow component provides nice addition to capabilities of SSIS , in case one wants to add audit information the data to be stored in Data Mart/Warehouse.

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