Monday, April 29, 2013

Analytics Reporting and Dashboards...

Recently I started a topic on Microsoft Business Intelligence forum in LinkedIn regarding having a common tool for doing SSAS cube reporting, relational reporting,charts and may be Pivot tables. It was a interesting discussion with comments raging from should we a need a all inclusive tool or have separate tools for different types of reporting. The reason i wanted to bring up this topic is because of the recent announcement of different tools from Microsoft starting with Powerpivot, then Powerview , GeoFlow and also more importantly placing Excel has a central BI tool for self service BI analytics. During this discussion I was sent a link to One of the much talked about topic in past was when Microsoft decided to end Proclarity and use PerformancePoint as a primary dashboard tool. There were lot of folks who were upset with that move and had been long yearning for a tool like Proclarity. Pyramid analytics has tool called bioXL, quoting from the company's website: Pyramid Analytics bioXL allows users to rapidly query both multi-dimensional and tabular OLAP cubes in SSAS and PowerPivot. Users can view trends, quickly isolate and investigate issues, drilling down to details as required or drill across ("dice") through data dimensions in a tool that reflects all the classic requirements of a cube viewer built with today’s technologies and application design concepts. I feel it has lot of features and potential to be used for Analytics reporting. Here is the link for, they also offer another product such as bioPoint. In summary there are vendors like pyramidanalytics who have come up with a product to fill the void created by Proclarity.

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