Monday, April 22, 2013

Tableau and Microsoft BI...

One of recent trends in the space of BI has been the use of tablets to display dashboards and enable business managers to get to know important business metrics on the fly. Adding strength to the Mobile BI space has been the fact that the recent increase in the shipments of tablets , at the same time a drop in PC shipments. Presently business is looking to extend BI capabilities for its user base by wanting to get BI solutions deployed to different platforms/devices. Microsoft at this point has not really gotten into the Mobile Space domain yet but there is a way to extend Microsoft BI to Mobile. Here is a link below where in Jen Underwood from Tableau elaborates on how Microsoft BI on Mobile can be achieved. It is called Tableau and Microsoft BI for Mobile BI. I have extracted some key points from the blog:

1) Tableau’s touch-optimized, business intelligence is available across a wide array of mobile device types, browsers, and operating systems including Windows, iPad and Android - native apps and browser based.  In the BYOD world we live in today, having wide device support is critical. Don't limit your mobile BI consumers to one device type.
2) Mobile users can view, edit or even author new visualizations on their favorite mobile tablets to not only view data but also ask on the fly questions in meetings or while on site to get immediate answers.
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