Friday, April 12, 2013

Excel - 3-D Data Visualization

There has been a ever increasing flow of Data visualization tools in the market. The tools become more effective if the data beneath the tools are clean and meaningful. The most recent version of Tableau has options to connect to Big Data sources and help users analyze such data, Big data has been a important space for a lot of vendors, of course there is a hype factor too. Microsoft recently announced a public preview of a tool called GeoFlow. As per Microsoft: “Geoflow” is a 3D visualization tool that helps users map, explore and interact with both geographic and chronological data, enabling discoveries that could be difficult to identify with traditional 2D tables and charts. Moreover, “Geoflow” emphasizes visual storytelling through collaborative features that show changes in data over time with beautiful screenshots and cinematic, guided video tours.

The output of Geoflow looks pretty slick, I would be interested in knowing how much value 3-D Data visualization provides (I guess the video tours would be very effective). Please check the link below to find out what GeoFlow has to offer, currently it is available along with Excel 2013.
I took the picture from the link above...


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